3 brought to Justice

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3 brought to Justice

Post by JerseyDagmar on Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:21 am

After the events in Mcfarlane Ranch, that Wandering Mystic spoke of, I headed down to El Presidio. There was some troubling brewing, and my posse, which I can't remember everyone it was mass chaos. We made short work of the trouble makers, causing them to abandon the fort rather quickly. My posse decided to stick around, and good thing we did. The criminals returned, with more people in their group as well.

I can only remember one of the criminals names, Ray Pest, the other two names I can't recall. Though all were dealt with accordingly. They didn't like it either, mainly the justice I was dishing out. Apparently a law woman taking out the trash was hurting their ego as they deemed it fit to insult my gender. Needless to say, I answered them back with my bolt action rifle and mighty bull steed who rammed them.

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