Sheriff Pat Garrett Intro

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Sheriff Pat Garrett Intro

Post by Sheriff Pat Garrett on Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:27 am

My name is Garrett, I'm a teen. I have played on PS3 since the day it came out. I've played RDR since 12:01 AM May 18th. I run my own business and I'm doing well, I hope to become a theme park designer and owner. I always liked doing gang hideouts so The Lawmen got my attention. I love hanging out with fellow PS3 players and playing online. I like to look deep into things so if you have questions about the game I'm your guy. I'm a Sheriff planning to turn Ranger soon.

Can't wait to keep this town from turning into a living hell. I'll be online. Cool

PSN mmgcash
Posse: The Lawmen - "Keeping this town from becoming a living hell"

Sheriff Pat Garrett

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