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Post by dysturbed0ne on Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:02 pm

so i have been thinking it would be fun to set up some kind of role play event, possibly with another posse. this would be for the 360 so lets have some ideas. it needs to be somewhat realistic, if you die you are out and must sit on the sidelines. it would be nice to have an 8 vs 8 match.

maybe let them have a guy build up a bounty and then hunker down in a spot of their choice. it will be the lawmens job to get to the most wanted player. if a player on either side is killed they are out. the lawmen win if they get the bounty and the outlaws win if they kill all the lawmen. dynamite will be is just a cheap kill. the major downside i see in this scenario is the people who get killed early will get pretty bored waiting around, but without the "die and you're out" it doesn't make it very much fun. if you have any ideas to combat this let me know.

it would be nice if we could do this on a regular basis with another posse. if i can get enough interest here i will talk to some of the other posses on the RDR forum. we will set up 3 or 4 hour block on sat or sun maybe twice a month.

this is just a rough idea, so it will take some refining. i mainly just want to get a feel of who and how many would be interested in this.

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