4 brought to justice - Assisted by Andy

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4 brought to justice - Assisted by Andy Empty 4 brought to justice - Assisted by Andy

Post by ronnyhenri on Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:12 pm

Just spawned at the Macfarlane's ranch when this hotshot 3th rank moron took a shot at me. he wasn't a good shot, i can tell you that, because i still had time to go to my weapon's slot and pick up my Semi-automatic pistol and blew his head off. i killed him two more times when he left the session. His name:


Andy (Fabarmshooter) joined me a bit later and we whent hunting. It was in Armodillo that Andy got shot by one of those two guys. i joined Andy a bit later and he told me that he was being shot by this guy. Anyway, Andy and i managed to take him out. His name:


I can't remember clearly when we met the next guy, maybe Andy knows, i think it somewhere in the neighberhood of Coot's chapel that we took this criminal down for shooting at us. His name:


After that, i lost Andy. I went to Armodillo and this guy shot me from the balcony. I respawned, when up the balcony and planted a stick of dynamite right afront of him that blew him away. i chased and killed for about 20 minutes. In the end he left. His name:



Andy i send you invites, PM, but you never answers any of them. i saw that you where online and playing RDR. I was in Armodillo fighting a posse of 6 and could of used your help. If you didn't reply, because you where to busy playing gang shootout or co-op, you gonna have to take the consequences. But since i can't proove that thats a fact, i'm gonna let you off with a third degree warning.

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4 brought to justice - Assisted by Andy Empty Re: 4 brought to justice - Assisted by Andy

Post by Fabarmshooter on Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:46 am

Well, if you mean after i left, i was having some friends of mine from shooting over on a visit, and i left the Ps3 on in a pvt lobby. Suddenly, it was time to go to bed, so i didn't play anymore that night.

If you mean before that, i wander off all the time with my PS3 on... Dinner, visitors, books...

Sorry i couldn't help you though...

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