3 brought to justice - Assisted by AxeMan

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3 brought to justice - Assisted by AxeMan Empty 3 brought to justice - Assisted by AxeMan

Post by ronnyhenri on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:35 pm

We where nearly at Armodillo when i got shot by a player. i noticed there where 2 of them. We fought for quit a while but they left for Twin Rocks after a while. Their names:


Shortly after we where attacked by a guy and we fought for atleast an hour. He mostly sniped us with the carcano, but Stu and and i managed to kick his butt, big time and he finally joined our posse. His name:


We whent to Twin Rocks to see what the first 2 guys where up to. I whent for the Mauser pistol inside one of the twin buildings. Stu followed me a bit later and those two German guys where trying to kill us, so i send a stick of dynamite his way blew up the second guy in the process. The 2 German fellas left shortly after and i'm not sure if that guy kobster actualy helped us or not. Stu maybe remembered.

Once again a stormy evening with my good buddy, Stu. Thanks buddy and hope to ride with you next saturday. Very Happy

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