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2 brought to justice Empty 2 brought to justice

Post by ronnyhenri on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:46 pm

I got spawned at the MacFarlanes's ranch when 2 assholes started to attack me. for Christ sakes, i wasn't even holding my controller, thats how fast they get me. i respawned and started to waste them both. One the guys left shortly after and whent to Pike's Basin. The other whent to Tall Trees. i decided to follow him there. It wasn't easy to kill him with all the bears attacking me and my mount. I killed him again on the top of a mounting at Bear Claw or something like that. Anyway, he left the session after i killed him so that was that.

Their names:


there was a third guy who took a shot at me while i entered the tunnel near Pike's Basin, but didn't remembered his name correctly. it think it was StoneColdKilla or something like. Can't tell for sure and for some bizar reason i couldn't find his name back at the list of people that you meet while playing in the free roam.

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