5 brought to justice

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5 brought to justice Empty 5 brought to justice

Post by ronnyhenri on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:34 pm

I was just starting the session and on my way to Mexico when a player started to shoot at me for no reason. i quickly grabbed for my Semi-automatic and took him out. He followed me and i killed him 2 more times untill he left the free roam session. His name:


I was in El Presidio when one of these guys send me a cannonball my way. i lured inside the fort and took them both out, since they where killing Mexican army men. i killed them several times untill they left the area.
Their names:


I was in Armadillo wit another player who i just met and he seemed not hostile. We fistfight for a while when another player came riding by. he didn't do anything at first, but then he suddenly killed the other guy. He started to shoot at me, but i luckily took him out quickly with a throwing knife. He respawned and came back, so i killed him untill he left the session. His name:


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