2 brought to justice

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2 brought to justice Empty 2 brought to justice

Post by ronnyhenri on Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:00 pm

I was doing a gang hideout in Pike's basin, when this (French) guy sniped me from out of nowhere. I finished the hideout and hunted him down, spawnkilled him till he left the free roam. I also send him a PM, telling him i was a lawman and that i was not just spawnkilling him for sport.

His name: JEANRENE007

I killed this guy because he was shooting at innocent NPC's. He try to kill me also, but that didn't work out as he has planned. i sniped him from far range because he was getting away real quick. I decided to leave him alone, nowing that he learned his lesson.

His name: DJLMC

There was a third guy, but didn't remembered his name. scratch

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