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Yes I have a mic Empty Yes I have a mic

Post by TheWanderingMystic on Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:50 am

Thought I'd drop notice here, though some of the posse know already: yes, I have a mic and I use it frequently during the days I'm alone by my PS3. However, on certain days or evenings I don't use my mic out of consideration for other people that live with me in a small apartment (my volume's also on headphones at such times).
So! If you see a chatroom invite when I'm in the posse with you, I'd appreciate if you accepted. I type very quickly, and it's my preferred method of talking when my mic's not in. I don't like not being able to point out things I see to my team, or only having one out of five or more people in the posse see it.

If you've never used PS3's chat feature before, it's pretty handy. Usually it displays small messages with no cutoff in your upper right hand of the screen without having to press the PS button to go and read.

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