2 Brought to Justice

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2 Brought to Justice

Post by docrock11 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:22 am

I was patrolling my normal area around solomon's folly, and doing some gang hideouts to pass the time, when I heard of a Public Enemy around Rathskeller Fork, upon arrival, the culprits lone posse mate also became a Public Enemy killing innocents and lawmen over and over. I finally realized that they were holed up in the house that sits at Rathskeller Fork and they were surely going to be anticipating my move so that they could ambush me but I thought better of it and just played it back and approached them slowly. And sure enough as soon as I got within 200 yards they began firing at me but luckily missed. I pulled out my Springfield Rifle and fired one shot right through a window and hit the Leader square in the face bringing his demise and his posse mate came out of the house storming at me with his shotgun drawn I hid behind a nearby rock and as he approached I yielded my high powered pistol and gave him 3 shots in the head. By this time, his mate had respawned and I once again shot him from long range after which he promptly logged off. The second guy respawned and quickly began to ride away. I wasn't going to let him get off the hook that easy, so I followed him on a long horseback chase through Armadillo and finally caught up to him around MacFarland's Ranch. I shot him off his horse and he proceeded into the tall trees area, and I felt he had learned his lesson. He spent the next 20 minutes getting constantly mauled by bears and drowning on numerous occasions. All in all a great lesson.

The two offenders were as follows:

*enderoute: level 6 - dealt with on numerous counts of murder on innocents and lawmen and becoming a Public Enemy. Left server.
*mikeybear79 level 9 - dealt with on numerous counts of murder of innocents and lawmen,evading the law, and becoming a Public Enemy. Left server.


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