4 brought to Justice

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4 brought to Justice

Post by ShinookBreeze on Sat Jun 12, 2010 5:29 pm

What a day. Again, I went back downstairs to find myself being killed by another player in Armadillo. What's with people? Another long battle ensued in Armadillo, this time with a couple of players. They were not as good as the last 2 I fought, I had a kill streak of 14 with them. Ended up both logging off after I successfully defended Armadillo.

I posse'd up with another player who, upon our enemies logging off, promptly turned his gun on the townsfolk and myself. Bad move, he also logged out after dishing him some Lawmen justice. I then noticed a player who was killed by the Mexican Army, which can mean only one thing. He's murdering people in Chuparosa.

I rode to Chuparosa and took the highest peak, killed the offender 5 times and then he changed his behaviour and left the area to go do a gang hideout.

Here's the list.

Andy_MC - lvl 15 - Armadillo - attacked ShinookBreeze numerous times. Was killed until he logged off. Busted!

methduzz - lvl 1 - Armadillo - attacked ShinookBreeze numerous times without success. Was killed until he logged off. Busted!

Edge64430 - lvl 13 - Armadillo - assisted Lawmen ShinookBreeze in the later half of the 2 v 1 battle. Upon successfully defending Armadillo, he turned his sights on the townsfolk and ShinookBreeze without success. Logged off shortly after being killed for the 4th time. Busted!

PsHyCoUshchi - lvl 11 - Chuparosa - wanted for killing members of the Mexican Army, townsfolk of Chuparosa, and livestock killings. Killed 5 times and changed his bad life choices. Left the area to pursue more honorable activities.

A note, I warned any low lvls via message to not get involved with shootouts in Armadillo as I would be forced to fight back. All my warnings fell on deaf ears.

All in all that's 10 brought to justice for me just this morning. Busy morning. Stay safe out there!

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Re: 4 brought to Justice

Post by Ghost Marshal on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:46 pm

Good Stuff
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