5 Brought to Justice

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5 Brought to Justice

Post by Ghost Marshal on Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:29 am

I was walking around Blackwater and I stopped to look at my computer when I look back at my Tv and what a shocking suprise I was killed by some level 4 idiot after I respawned I killed him five times and then he left the server. Then a player became public enemy he was in a posse of 3 they were all spawnkilling a player when I tried to help him he killed me so I killed him twice. these events all happened at El Presedio I managed to infiltrate the fort and kill all of the gang members with dynamite.

* Pierrick7713- For the crimes of killing a Lawman without provocation

* DESTINEEY76- For the crimes of being a Public Enemy and Spawnkilling a player without provocation

* LilMattP- For the crimes of aiding the Public Enemy and Spawnkilling without provocation

* CrazyLOCSD- For the crimes of aiding a Public Enemy and Spawnkilling without provocation

* repmuht- For the crime of killing a Lawman when offering assistance
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