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Post by ronnyhenri on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:36 pm

As you all might know, the leaders of this clan, Ghost Marshal and Joe Careaga are no longer with us and the chance of them coming back is very low.

In that prospect, Stu (AxeMan) and i set up a new forum!! We kept the name as it is, only this time we wrote the url correctly.

As for now, i'm asking you to to to the NEW website and register there. You can still come here and post things here, but as the PS3 Leader and only leader of this at the moment, i will no longer reply on any threads or posts that you make here. We have new forum with new leaders. So go to the new website and register. At the new website everybody who has been upranked but wich hasn't change yet, will be changed. This is a list of the clan leadership of the new website:

Clan Leader and administrator: ronnyhenri
Second in command, administrator and PS3 leader: AxeMan
PS3 Co-Leader: Fabarmshooter
XBOX leader: still open
XBOX Co-leader: still open

Here's the website so go there and register. Thank u for your understanding. From now on everything will be discussed at that site and we leaders can be there for you at any time.

New The Lawmen Website

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