Another brought to justice

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Another brought to justice

Post by JerseyDagmar on Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:29 pm

I got a message from X-Factor (WanderingMystic on the forums here) for an invite. Once he joined up with me, we took notice of a Legendary 1 Rank 25 picking on a Rank 1. Now that doesn't fly with me, I've always felt the Legendaries should look out for the lower ranks even more so.

DantheMan also joins up with us, and we quickly take action. Showing this bully that disregarding the law is an unintelligent move. After we took him down a few times, he eventually runs off, apparently to do some hunting in the Tanner Reach/Tall Trees area. As he was doing that, he got on his mic, bad mouthing us. We simply ignored him, being the professionals that we are, and went on our way to take out some gang hideouts. After awhile, the criminal must have saw the error of his ways, and asked to join our posse. And I allowed it.

tom_2002 brought to justice for spawn killing, eventually runs off and joins our posse

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